Cordyline Design-a-line Burgundy

Cordyline Design-a-line Burgundy

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Cordyline Design-a-line Burgundy is an elegant and vibrant ornamental plant celebrated for its graceful form and striking burgundy-colored foliage. This evergreen perennial, part of the Cordyline genus, features long, arching leaves that emerge in a deep burgundy hue, adding a dramatic and stylish element to the landscape. The foliage gracefully cascades from the central stem, creating a fountain-like effect. Cordyline Design-a-line Burgundy is well-suited for both container gardening and as a focal point in garden beds. It thrives in well-draining soil and prefers full to partial sunlight. With its upright and cascading growth habit, this Cordyline cultivar adds a touch of sophistication to tropical and contemporary garden designs. Low-maintenance and adaptable, Cordyline Design-a-line Burgundy is a popular choice for those seeking a visually stunning and easy-to-care-for plant for their outdoor spaces.

Botanical Name  

Cordyline pumilio x banksia ‘Roma06’ PP24764

Also Known As  



Plant Type  
Native From  
USDA Zone  

Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  
Bloom Time  
Flower Color  

Australia, New Zealand
8- 11
Partial - Full Sun
3' Tall and 3' Wide


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