Fertilizer For July Promotion

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Fertilizer For July Promotion

Enjoy a FREE bag of select 4lb fertilizer for every $200 of qualified products purchased up to 5 times. This promotion can be redeemed up to (5) times in a single purchase for up to (5) FREE bags of 4lb fertilizer when you purchase $1000 or more of qualified products.

Add up to (5) of these options to your cart of $200 or more and enter Discount Code: Fertilizer4July at checkout to redeem a free 4lb fertilizer per $200 spent on qualified products. 

Promotion Terms and Conditions

Grass Sod products and promotional items on this page do not qualify toward minimum purchase amount for this promotional offer. While supplies last. No substitution. No rain checks issued. Not valid toward previous purchases. Sales tax, delivery charges, shipping charges, and fees do not qualify toward minimum purchase amount. This offer is not redeemable for cash or gift card. Offer may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Other restrictions may apply. 

G&B Organics - Rose & Flower Fertilizer (4-6-2)

Perennials, annuals and roses. Three different types of flowers – each bringing us special joy in rich colors, aromatic scents, or both! Enhance those characteristics by adding G&B ORGANICS ROSE & FLOWER FERTILIZER. It gently feeds your plants a special blend of natural nutrients, including mycorrhizae for developing a strong root system. Enjoy your flower garden, big or small, organically. 

GARDENER & BLOOME ORGANICS ROSE AND FLOWER FERTILIZER is a great choice for roses and flowers for the best blooms possible.

  • Designed for all-season use
  • Contains beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae
  • Feeds for several months

G&B Organics - Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer (8-4-2)

Growing good, tasty fruit is quite an accomplishment. The evolution from blossom to real live fruit is truly amazing! To make that gift worthy, you need a good foundation for your fruit tree. G&B ORGANICS CITRUS & FRUIT TREE FERTILZER can give your fruit tree the nutrients it needs to support a bountiful crop year after year. Mix it in your soil so your fruit tree’s nutrient uptake is maximized. And then, enjoy! 

GARDENER & BLOOME ORGANICS CITRUS & FRUIT TREE FERTILIZER helps grow better tasting, more nutritious fruit and produce more abundant crops.

  • Blended special for feeding fruit trees
  • Includes beneficial microbes to build life in the soil to support healthy plant growth
  • Feeds for several months

G&B Simples - Bone Meal (3-15-0)

GARDENER & BLOOME NATURAL & ORGANIC BONE MEAL, 3-15-0, is a natural and great source for Phosphorus and Calcium that will help promote thicker plant cell walls and minimize blossom end rot.

  • Contains beneficial soil microbes
  • Natural source of Calcium & Phosphorus
  • Aids in the thickening of plant cell walls

G&B Organics - Bud & Bloom (3-7-4)

G&B ORGANICS BUD & BLOOM FERTILIZER is the perfect organic fertilizer to kick-start your flowering plants. With its high phosphorous content, this organic fertilizer is blended with natural ingredients that help flowering plants produce vibrant blooms that any gardener would be proud to show. BUD & BLOOM is designed to feed your plants gently and nourish the sensitive roots of new plants.

  • High in phosphorous to promote larger, healthier blooms
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients including mycorrhizae for strong root development
  • Feeds for several months

Proven Organic 

This product is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the leading non-profit, internationally recognized third party accredited by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). That means every ingredient and every process that goes into making this product has been verified 100% compliant as organic, all the way to the original source. Look for the OMRI logo on the bag, ensuring this product is proven organic.

O M R I Listed For Organic UseC D F A Registered Organic Input Material