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Artichoke Agave

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Artichoke Agave is a striking succulent compact and symmetrical rosette of thick, grayish-green leaves, this agave variety has distinctive broad, spade-shaped leaves that often curl inward, giving them a resemblance to artichoke heads. The leaves have pronounced teeth along the margins and a formidable spine at the tip. Artichoke Agave is well-suited for arid and rocky environments, displaying drought tolerance and thriving in well-draining soil. This succulent is a popular choice in xeriscape gardens, rock gardens, and arid landscapes, where it adds architectural interest and a touch of desert elegance. It is also cultivated in containers and as a focal point in succulent gardens, making it both a functional and visually appealing plant.

Botanical Name  

Agave parryi var. truncata

Also Known As  

Parry's Agave | Century Plant | 龙舌兰


Plant Type  
Native From  
USDA Zone  

Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  

8 - 12
Full Sun
2' Tall and 3' Wide


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