Ice Cream Bean Tree

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The Ice Cream Bean Tree, scientifically known as Inga edulis, is a tropical tree that belongs to the legume family, Fabaceae. This evergreen tree is renowned for its large, elongated pods filled with sweet, cottony pulp, often likened to the taste of vanilla ice cream. The tree itself can reach substantial heights and has compound leaves comprised of numerous leaflets. The attractive, fragrant flowers are followed by the distinctive pods, which can grow to considerable lengths. In addition to its delicious and unique fruit, the Ice Cream Bean Tree is valued for its role in agroforestry systems, contributing to soil fertility through nitrogen fixation.

Botanical Name  

Inga edulis

Also Known As  

Ice Cream-Bean |  Joaquiniquil | Cuaniquil | Quama | Quaba


USDA Zone  
Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  
Bloom Time  
Flower Color  
Harvest Season  
Years to Bear  

9 - 11
Partial - Full Sun
10' Tall and 5' Wide
1st Year


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