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Plant Sizing Guide

Jackfruit is a large, evergreen tropical tree known for producing the world's largest fruit. Jackfruit has a spiky, green exterior that encases sweet, yellow flesh when ripe. The fruit is versatile, offering both savory and sweet applications, with the unripe, green jackfruit often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes. In addition to its culinary significance, jackfruit trees provide shade and are prized for their timber. The seeds are also edible and can be roasted or boiled, contributing to the overall sustainability and nutritional value of this remarkable tropical plant.

Botanical Name  

Artocarpus heterophyllus

Also Known As  

Jack Tree | Jaca | Langka | Nangka | 波罗蜜 | 菠萝蜜 | 苞萝 | 树菠萝 | 大树菠萝 | 蜜冬瓜 | 牛肚子果 | 木菠萝


USDA Zone  
Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  
Bloom Time  
Flower Color  
Harvest Season  
Years to Bear  

9 - 11
Partial - Full Sun
20' Tall and 20' Wide
1st Year


Soils & Fertilizers For Jackfruit

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