Michelia Champaca

Plant Sizing Guide

Michelia champaca is a tropical evergreen tree appreciated for its aromatic flowers and ornamental value. This tree belongs to the magnolia family. Champaca is known for its glossy, leathery leaves and the clusters of highly fragrant, waxy flowers that range in color from cream to yellow. The intoxicating scent is sweet and floral, reminiscent of orange blossoms. Due to its exquisite fragrance, Champaca flowers are often used in perfumery. The tree is also cultivated for its decorative appeal in gardens and parks, where it can reach impressive heights. With its visually stunning flowers and delightful aroma, Michelia champaca is a cherished addition to tropical and subtropical landscapes.

Botanical Name  

michelia champaca


Also Known As  

champak | Yellow Champaca | joy perfume tree | yellow jade orchid tree | 玉蘭花 | 玉蘭 | 玉兰



USDA Zone  
Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  
Bloom Time  
Flower Color  

10 - 11
Full Sun
25' Tall and 15' Wide
Mid-Winter through Spring


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