Rose Apple

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Rose Apple is a tropical evergreen tree appreciated for its fragrant flowers and distinctive, bell-shaped fruits. The tree boasts glossy, dark green leaves and produces clusters of waxy, white blossoms, emitting a sweet aroma. The fruit is generally round, with a smooth, thin skin. The crisp, juicy flesh of the Rose Apple is often mildly sweet and fragrant, making it a popular choice for fresh consumption and culinary applications. This ornamental tree is cultivated in tropical regions, adding both aesthetic value and edible delights to gardens and landscapes.

Botanical Name  

Syzygium jambos


Also Known As  

Plum Rose | Malabar Plum | Plum Rose | Pomarosa | Mountain Apple | Champoo | 水浦桃 | 蒲桃 | 香果 | Cây Ly



USDA Zone  
Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  
Bloom Time  
Flower Color  
Harvest Season  
Years to Bear  

9 - 11
Partial - Full Sun
12' Tall and 8' Wide
1 - 3 Years


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