Saw Leaf Agave

Saw Leaf Agave

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Saw Leaf Agave is a distinctive succulent prized for its striking and formidable appearance. Native to Mexico, this agave species forms a rosette of fleshy leaves that are rigid, lance-shaped, and adorned with formidable spines along the margins and tips. The spines give the plant a serrated or saw-like appearance, contributing to its common name. The leaves are typically gray-green or blue-gray, adding to the plant's ornamental appeal. Like many agaves, Agave xylonacantha is well-adapted to arid conditions and requires well-draining soil. It is often grown for its architectural presence in succulent gardens, rockeries, or as a focal point in xeriscape landscapes. The Saw Leaf Agave is known for its hardiness and drought tolerance, making it a popular choice for gardeners seeking a resilient and visually striking succulent.

Botanical Name  

Agave xylonacantha

Also Known As  

Shark Tooth Agave | Century Plant | 龙舌兰 | Maguey diente de tiburón


Plant Type  
Native From  
USDA Zone  

Light Needs  
Watering Needs  
Life Cycle  
Avg. Mature Size  
Growth Rate  

8 - 12
Full Sun
2' Tall and 3' Wide


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